A Public Private Partnership


Increasing and Diversifying the Human Capital Endowment of the United States

Apprentice Power was formed to align, promote and advance the diverse and innovative socioeconomic capacities, capabilities and value propositions of associations, professional membership societies and their respective economic development, tourism and other strategic partners.

 The process is designed to create a more holistic and productive continuum of STEM and entrepreneurship education, workforce and asset-based community and economic development through employer-driven boot camps, internships, apprenticeships and other education, training and skills development models.

Apprentice Power operates under the leadership of a coalition of Power of A association ambassadors, working in collaboration with the Marshall University Research Corporation, the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing and Transmosis, a workforce intermediary focused on cyber security. 

Apprentice Power facilitates the development of competency-based 3D printing and technology transfer apprenticeship models through collaborations with participating stakeholders. They are designed to eliminate the silos that often limit the achievement of social, economic and environmental objectives.

Associations contribute to the growth and sustainability of businesses and industries on a grand scale while demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusive economic growth. 



Accelerating 3D Printing and Technology Transfer Advancing Cyber Security and Economic Development

Apprentice Power also endeavors to establish cyber-secure regions and populate them with an abundance of diversely-skilled additive manufacturing, technology transfer, cyber security and other high-demand talent. The process can significantly broaden the economic development value proposition as relates to the attraction, retention and expansion of businesses in these and other high-growth industries.

Apprentice Power recognizes that associations are well-prepared to facilitate the creation and alignment of robust human capital development strategies in advanced and emerging industries. The process can serve as a catalyst for jobs creation, small business development, residential and commercial construction, foreign direct investment, impact investing and international exports.

Apprentice Power helps to protect the assets and resources of the United States by addressing the cyber security workforce requirements of the nation's 16 critical infrastructure sectors. The strategy is designed to help ensure the growth and sustainability of all advanced and emerging industries through the Power of A. 

Apprentice Power also collaborates with Helping Communities Work, an economic development initiative designed to align and advance the 3D printing and cyber security industries through public libraries and education institutions.