Apprentice Power

Apprentice Power is a public private partnership founded on the principle that learning is a primary catalyst for jobs creation, business and industry growth and economic development. 

The enterprise positions employers and associations to lead the national apprenticeship movement through a unique search and staffing model.

Apprentice Power strives to increase and diversify the human capital endowment of the United States and ensure business and industry growth and sustainability in a cyber secure environment. 

Apprentice Power is focused on the advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, life sciences, cyber security, financial services and other advanced and emerging industries. 

The enterprise is designed to leverage funding and investments in STEM and entrepreneurship education, workforce and economic development.

Apprentice Power positions the diverse and evolving ecosystems and supply chains of high-growth industries as direct beneficiaries of apprenticeship development.

Apprentice Power works to align and broaden the socioeconomic value propositions of STEM and entrepreneurship education and competency-based apprenticeships. 

Apprentice Power combines strategies designed to advance human capital development, place-based impact investing and new business and markets growth in 3D printing, logistics and cyber security.

Apprentice Power is also designing a sales apprenticeship model and invites collaborations with apprenticeship grant recipients.